Friday, September 17, 2010

Wanna See Our Livingroom?

I've always wanted to do blog posts showing our house, and fortunately, Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a "Show us your life" series on just that!

Evan and I put A LOT of work into our house.  It wasn't a fixer upper by any means, but we did a lot of work because we're on such a tight tight budget.  For instance, Evan built quite a few things throughout the house, I painted all the walls, and I also painted a lot of the artwork in the master bedroom and in the dining room.

Anyway, today is "show us your livingroom," so here we go!


The day we moved in!
No walls were painted and the place was pretty bare, but I had lots of plans!

Another "before" shot.


So, a month after we moved in, this is what the house looked like!
I wanted a single wall painted green and was pretty content with it.
But, I wasn't in love with it...

 But, for some reason...I still wasn't pleased.
Do you see how it's just not very cohesive looking?

So, one evening we were sitting on the couch watching TV and I told Evan I wasn't pleased.  He looked at me with that "oh crap" look.  I didn't like it!  So, before we knew it...ALL the walls had been painted.  Hee hee...oops!

(what it looks like today)

This is our livingroom and BY FAR the room where I spend the most amount of time.

Another view.
The coffee table was made by my Daddy some 30 years ago.
The tables I bought at Bombay when they were going out of business...$25 a piece!
The couches we got at Ashley furniture.

I included this picture because I love that statue on top of the cabinets.
Isn't it romantic and loving?

This was Evan's Christmas gift to me before we got married.
It's a set of our favorite engagement photos.

Do you see that little basket on the floor?
I LOVE having blankets in a livingroom.
So many people don't do that, but it makes things SO cozy. 
Evan and I lay under the covers snuggling and cuddling on the couch all the time.

Like my fall decorations on our coffee table?
I LOVE the cover of this Martha Stewart magazine. 
Isn't it beautiful?  

Well, there ya have it!  Our living room!  It took a lot of time and a lot of work, but I LOVE it now.  This is our first home together and whenever we move (whether that's in a year or in six years or even more), it'll always have such a special place in my heart.

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Everybody have a fabulous fall weekend!


  1. I am thoroughly jealous! It has everything I'm looking for. I love all the corwn molding and the built-ins. Also love the color.

  2. I love it too! You have a great eye for decorating. Beautiful!

  3. happy friday, love seeing before and after!


  4. Love it! I am always afraid to try a color like that, but you definitely pulled it off!! And I just bought a wicker basket for our living room blankets today :)

    Adorable engagement pics!

  5. Your living room looks great, what's the color?

  6. I love the intense color, and I do feel the lack of cohesion in your "sort of after" pic. That is how my rooms always look. It's... nice, but not quite right. You, however, did what I can never do, and were able to fix it. Well done!

  7. I seriously love seeing peoples houses!! And I seriously adore that shade of green! Beautiful!

  8. Stopping by from Blog Frog. Love the new color it looks great

  9. now why did you have to go and do that? Make me want to remodel too? LOL It's beautiful and I see why you spend so much time in there!! Stopping by from Blog Frog. Come visit me,too:

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. It's GORGEOUS. Now I want to paint my walls. As a lifelong renter, I've lived with white walls most of my life.

  11. Hopped over via SITS. I love your final "after" photos, Cristy! Your living room looks like it belongs in a home magazine. I'll have to start participating in this if I ever manage to get my living room to the "after" stage!

  12. That is an amazing shade of green! It's like nothing I've ever seen before, but I love it!

  13. You're absolutely right - the green paint in the whole room looks fantastic! What a great space!

  14. Just stopped over here from Blogfrog.

    Really like your blog and your baby is adorable!

  15. What a beautiful shade of green!!! I'm envious.
    Visiting from SITS. :-)

  16. Wow I can't believe you painted that all by yourself!! I want to paint our apartment too, but I have two left hands so we may have to wait this one out a bit longer.

  17. that is a kickass shade of green! so spunky. so energetic. i LOVE it. great choice!!!

  18. Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog! :) I am loving the green color you chose! Before we had the color we have now, we had a brighter green color - not quite as olive as yours, but still pretty bold. I loved it, but after 6 years I needed a change. I think it's fun to go for bold walls!

  19. I love the new color! It reminds me of the Jalepeno green color I have in my kitchen. It looks great!