Monday, September 6, 2010

My First AND an Announcement!!

My First Blog Award: A few days ago, Musings of a Modern Mom gave me my first BLOG AWARD! Thank you!  She also influenced me to make a big change to this blog, but more about that later. I'm so excited!

The Cherry on Top Award’s rules are:.
  • ANSWER: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
  • PICK 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award
  • THANK the person who gave you the award

Answer: Too often, people live there lives in "what ifs?" My Dad and I were having a conversation last month about how I can't just be regretting things I've done in my life (in this instance, we were talking about my going to law school and he was telling me not to regret that choice).  He said that if you live a life where you constantly do that, you'd be miserable, and he (as usual) was right.

Here are the 6 people to whom I've giving this award: 

29 and Holding: This lady has some of the funniest and well written blog posts.  I NEVER miss a post.
A Love Worth Waiting For: I just recently found this blog and after this gorgeous girl got a complete hysterectomy at 21, her and her husband just found out that they will be adopting a wonderful baby girl!
Addicted to Addison: This is Bailey's blog, the girl that redid my blog...and she's going to be redoing my title to my blog! (but as I said, you have to get to the bottom of this post to see more about that)
Avant Garde Parenting: This blog has great parenting ideas, plus the author helped me come up with possibilities for my new blog name!
From Single to Married: I just love the freshness of this blog and how much I can relate to how many things she says.
My Heart Shaped Life: This girl's boyfriend just made the roster of the Cincinnati Bengals!

So, in honor of this award, my blog post today will be all about some very important "firsts" in my life.
  • My First Kiss: My first kiss was in 8th grade to K.E.  He was CUTE and wore Nautica cologne. Oh yeah, a recipe for an 8th grade crush. It was a good first kiss, thankfully.  It was, cliche I know, at the movies.  He asked permission to kiss me so I obliged since he was such a gentleman!  Imagine my surprise when I was looking through the newspaper in 10th grade and saw him as a model in the Target ads!  Not bad for your first kiss huh?
  • My First Relationship:  I'm talking about the first boy I actually genuinely liked.  That was around 9th and 10th grade.  T.T. was SUCH a nice guy and he, to this day, was the only boy that ever broke off the relationship!  I cried like a BABY for weeks! 
  • My First I Love You: That would be with Evan believe it or not!  After T.T. I dated this jerk of a guy (I mentioned him here) and we said stupid stuff like "I wuff you" (yeah I know gagging commencing now), but Evan was the first boy that said "I LOVE YOU" and I said it back.  He told me I love you for the first time on my birthday our senior year of high school.  He told me that he had one more gift to give me and it was his love. heart melted.  We said I love you over and over again to each other with kissing in between for the next 30 minutes.  Oh...l'amour!
  • My First Time I Peed on a Stick:  For those of you that don't know, Liliana wasn't exactly what we would call planned.  Evan and I had planned on getting pregnant in 6 months though, so she was still a WONDERFUL surprise to us.  What made it an even BIGGER surprise is that we weren't scared about my getting pregnant sooner than when we planned because I wasn't ovulating so we couldn't get pregnant ...  right?  WRONG!  We went off the pill that month to try to prepare my body for the fertility treatments we thought I would have to use.  Apparently, Evan had something different in mind!  I can't really describe how I felt when it said pregnant.  The first thing I did was make sure I would graduate from law school on time because it was a close call.  After that, I just was incredibly nervous .  Evan on the other hand was THRILLED.  He didn't have any of the concerns I did, but then again, it's much easier for the guy.
  • My First Time I Have to Change the Name of my Blog:  Well, Happily a Law Mama isn't really working any more with my recent decisions is it?  So, I've asked some blog friends for help and after some GREAT suggestions, I think we have a WINNER! 
  • The new name of my blog is going to be: Is there a Doctor in the House? 
  • Since Evan and I will both have doctorates and those won't EVER be taken away from us, this title is HERE TO STAY! So for the last time, I'll be signing off as Happily a Law Mama (well, actually, that'll be the name of it until Bailey can change the title for me), haha.  Hope you guys like the new title!


  1. Love the new name!! Congrats on your award!

  2. Awww... I'm so honored, thank you Cristy! And I love the new name of your blog - very clever!

    Off to check out your recommendations...

  3. ps - what a sweet story about your "first love" :)

  4. Your dad has some good sound advice there. I found your blog through Jamie at Avant Garde Parenting. Love your blog title! :)

  5. Awwww how sweet! Congrats on your first award :)

  6. Found you from Follow Me Mondays and I'm so happy I did! love your blog!! Congrats on the award!!!!!

  7. OK, I am cooing over your love story with Evan!

  8. I love the new blog title!

    And you and Evan make me want to a good way!

  9. I'm a new follower! Love the list of 1st's and also the new blog name!! Can't wait to keep reading!

  10. Cool site! Saw you on SITS! Joined!

    If I could change one thing: it would be hard to pick,and even decide if it was worth it.
    BUt maybe, I'd break-up with that person I thought I couldn't live without in highschool and enjoy hanging with friends more and maybe being available for dates with other guys!

    Well, maybe.....

    Come see me!

  11. Congrats on your first award... adorable blog! Stopping by from SITS to say hello :)