Thursday, May 3, 2012

28 Week T-shirt Project

It's been a month since I've done a t-shirt project or taken a decent pic of the belly for that matter...busy much?  But we finally got around to doing it and you know what that means?  I am officially in the homestretch of this pregnancy!  In fact, if Gloria makes her appearance as early as Liliana did, it means we have 2 months until she decides to come in to this world!  EEEK!  That freaks me out more than just a little bit.  I'm REALLY praying and hoping that we can get to full term this go around, but as long as we make it to AT LEAST the same gestation age as Liliana, then I suppose I can't ask for much more.

28 Week Pregnancy Survey

  • How far along: 28 weeks today!
  • Total weight gain: 20 pounds.  EEK!
  • Maternity Clothes: shirts are a definite maternity and so are pants.  I can still fit in to some skirts that are jersey material.  I still wear LOTS of non-maternity dresses (and am in one today actually).  I am such a dress and skirt fan when pregnant.
  • Sleep: depending on the day it can either be fabulous or horrible.  My back has been in SO much pain this go around.  Evan gives me a massage on nearly a daily basis and I have a heating pad at work which helps a lot.  I've noticed that working out helps immensely too.  If I don't get those three ingredients in every other day, the back hurts so badly that it wakes me up.  Boo.
  • Best Moment This Week (oops) Month: getting in to the third trimester is always nice.  I, honestly, feel blessed every day that I get to cook this little girl longer and longer. BUT what I'm really excited about is that my baby shower is tomorrow for work!  They're SO sweet to throw me one because you typically don't have one for baby #2.
  • Miss Anything: Not having round ligament pains when I exercise.  ALSO, in the complete spirit of honesty, belly is getting so big that it's making certain times more and more difficult (use your imagination).
  • Movement: yep!  She's increased her movements a ton since the last survey.  She still doesn't move as much as Liliana did in the womb though.  I felt our first hiccups yesterday though and that was fun to feel again.
  • Food Cravings:  I haven't had any that stick around this time!  I do like grapes and fruit so that has probably been the one that stays.  And I did crave brownies two nights ago (and ate 3 of them last night after having Evan go get a box yesterday).
  • Labor Signs: I get Braxton Hicks more and more often, but nothing too alarming yet fortunately.
  • Symptoms: Back pain AND this weird painful painful feeling around my butt.  I know that is SO TMI but something pops in my back area when I walk most of the time.  And, PS it's not hemorrhoids.  I had Evan check.  Pregnancy is sexy.
  • Belly button in or out:  Still mostly in.  It was already popped with Liliana so that's surprising.
  • Looking forward to: our baby shower tomorrow and going to Texas next week to celebrate Liliana's 2nd birthday!  Can't believe her party is nearly here!  I have SO much to do!
28 Week T-shirt Project

Here's week 24:

Here's week 28!  Definitely seeing some growth! (in my belly, face, butt .... darn!)

PS The blog is getting a makeover today!  It's gonna look SO pretty!  Like the new title? : )


  1. You and the blog both look great! Can't wait to see you IN PERSON next week! EEK!!!!! =D