Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chaos in the Bedroom

hi readers from Kellys Korner!  I had a horrible nesting bug with pregnancy #2 and am now in the middle of redoing our master bedroom.  I think too often people leave this room for last and I was sick of that!  So here it is, and yes it is VERY much in progress, but I love where it's headed!  To see the rest of our progress over the last few months, go to the "our home" tab at the top of the page.

Our bedroom has been lackluster since we moved in.  Not WHAT happens in the bedroom (wink wink totally inappropriate comment appropriate here), but the decor.  The decor was dark and in major need of a makeover.

We figured, if we could make Gloria's nursery look as cute as it does, then surely we needed to give some attention to our room right?

We have ONE big rule for our master bedroom.  Some might think it's weird, but here goes.

The Master Bedroom Rule

NO pictures of children in the bedroom.  Yes think we're weird if you want, but we want the bedroom to be OUR room.  OUR sexy retreat.  It doesn't really put us in the "mood" to see a huge picture of little one smiling on our nightstand if you catch my drift.  There is no putting frames down in our room (40 year old virgin anyone?).  Plus, since when is it wrong to have ONE room that is completely yours?

Other than this two rules, we were set!  To start from the beginning, here's what we had to work with:

Here's our inspiration fabric (something I have been doing with every room now ... choosing a fabric or pillow to inspire the makeover):

First things first, paint ...

We went to Home Depot and brought home three swatches.  They were all uninspired.  We didn't hate any, but didn't love any.  I started looking through blogs and kept seeing a name repeated:

Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue.

We picked up a sample and were in love.  Palladian Blue it was.  We repainted and already felt such relief.

Next, the furniture dilemma.  Time to paint again!

Evan had to paint since when painting furniture they suggest oil based paints, so we painted the nightstands a calming white and the dresser a darker gray.  Our second dresser was actually Liliana's old dresser and is now in our guest room.  We went to Habitat for Humanity and bought one for $45 and painted it for approximately $20.  A new dresser for $65 (plus handles which we haven't tackled yet)?  Not bad!

This has been a tumultous process though.  We really were starting FRESH, so we are NO where near done.  We have curtains up, new lamps, a new headboard, new bedding and the budget is TIRED.  REALLY tired.  So is the mini-van.

We're taking a break for a few weeks I think.  And I realize that the room looks NO WHERE NEAR done, but man, it's coming out GREAT ... every single day we go inside the room and marvel at the progress!

I still have BIG plans for it.  We need a new rug, a new chair and seat, handles on the dressers (obviously) and then comes the accessories.

But here we are today.  HAPPILY enjoying the bedroom (and yes, I mean that in the appropriate and inappropriate way again. winky winky face repeated a SECOND time! BOOM.)

For a reminder.



Bedding: quilt bought at TJMaxx.  Grey comforter (it's reversible) and shams purchased at Target.  Curtains and rods purchased at Target.  Lamps (both on nightstand and the floor lamp) purchased at TJMaxx.

Bed skirt: obviously still old.  Driving me crazy.  Will buy another soon.

Pillow on floor: the inspiration pillow that will sit on a chair sometime.  Bought from etsy.

Headboard: bought on sale at Pier1 imports.

Decorative pillows: all purchased at TJMaxx.

New nightstands: Benjamin Moore paint.  Will do another post on repainting furniture in the near future.  New knobs purchased 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

I need to show you guys before and afters of these dressers ... the makeover is RIDICULOUS!
Knobs purchased 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  Spray painted the old ones for the bottom drawers and they're on there now, but I think that will change.  It doesn't look quite right.

Dresser bought at Habitat for Humanity for $45.  Should have seen it before.  It will be a complete beauty when we're all done with it.

Where we are today! : )


  1. You're bedroom jokes are cracking me up!!

    Love love LOVE your curtains and the gray color of your furniture is perfect! What color is it?

  2. I totally agree with-we have a problem when our cats are looking at us..never mind the dogs! Your room IS your room-great so far and I see circles again...with some chains(pillow)-um.....well it is the bedroom:)

  3. That big picture above the tall dresser - is it you? It's a really beautiful picture so I assume so, but you look like you're wearing a veil and your hair looks shorter than I remember seeing in wedding photos you've posted so I wasn't sure what the picture was from.
    Love the bedroom changes!

  4. Those pillows are so fun and I love your headboard!

  5. I love it! Our bedroom has a very similar color scheme and I just love those colors in a room. And I understand doing everything around a pillow, our whole house is around one picture in our living room! haha

  6. I love your room and am like you in that I often use a pillow, rug, or artwork as the object that determines how I am going to decorate a room. Can't wait to see the finish product! :)

  7. That looks like all the work has been totally worth it. What a great room!

    As you can tell I'm a bit behind on my blog reading!

  8. LOL! I guess the kids picture can limit the “fun” inside a couple’s bedroom. Haha! By the way, I’m enjoying your posts regarding your home redo and I can say that you’ve been very successful in making a very comfy and attractive house. You’re totally amazing, Cristy! :)

    Elidia Wolford