Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Time for a random post because none of them in and of itself warrant a post ...

You Lazy Bum!

Because that's exactly what I was yesterday. I seem to recall reading somewhere that people get fatigue in the 3rd trimester once again.  I don't remember having that with Liliana, though it's entirely possible that I did.  Truly we haven't been getting to bed NEARLY early enough and I probably end up falling asleep close to midnight, and wake up around 6:10.  That's not enough sleep for someone growing a beautiful girl, but it still doesn't excuse the horrific way I acted yesterday.  I got home around 5 pm and was lazy from the start.  Work has been exhausting this week, but STILL that isn't enough of an excuse.  I had Evan cook dinner, he kept telling me to relax, don't stress, just to take it easy.  While he was giving Liliana her bath I told him I was going to go check if our bed was still comfortable (yes, I literally said that).  Next thing I know, he's walking in the room telling me it's 10 pm and to keep on sleeping.  And that's what I did.  I slept from approximately 8:30 pm to 6 am.  I did wake up for about 30 minutes to talk to him, shower him with kisses, and thank him for all his help, but still ... I slept approximately 9 hours if I had to guess.  Talk about a LAZY BUM!

SEVERE Back Pains

I didn't blog about this, but about  a week ago, I woke up with SEVERE back pains that eventually led to some contractions.  They happened for about 3 hours straight and I started panicking thinking I was going to deliver Gloria at 30 weeks.  We ended up going to labor and delivery and my doctor fortunately saw that everything is still completely and 100% closed, like it should be.  He also told me to take it easy and that these back pains were probably causing the contractions.  Unfortunately I'm not totally rid of the back pains.  They came back a couple days ago, but I didn't have nearly as many contractions because Evan and I know that means "lay down!" and he proceeds to put Bengay on my back, give my Tylenol, and give me massages through my near screams of pain.  I had some back pain with Liliana, but nothing like this.  I don't know if it's the chairs I use at work, or what, but let's just say that summer break couldn't come any sooner.  My body is trying to have this girl WAY too early and relaxation is going to be amazing.

Let Me Hear the Tinkle!

 Tomorrow, we start potty training Ms. Liliana.  Truthfully, she's been ready for a while.  She's been telling us she went poo poo since she was about 16 months old.  She loves the potty and asks to sit on it.  We have, truth be told, been lazy and haven't wanted to tackle it.  But, now she's not really giving us a choice.  She's going to the potty all on her own, taking her pants off, and peeing.  Yeah ... I think she's ready.  Since Evan is off this weekend and since he goes back to a crazy rotation in a short week, we decided this weekend was just as good as any.  It's officially potty training weekend!  No diaper, just resolve, paper towels, and two pottys.  Let's hope it goes smoothly!  I mean, it would be pretty great to only change one set of diapers and to only BUY one set of diapers at Target!  C'mon Liliana, we can do this!  She's already saying she's a "big girl" and when she did go all by herself without being provoked, she was SO darn proud of herself, it was adorable!  She was running around the house wanting lots of love and attention.  And I'm ready to dish it, if she's ready to dish the pee and poo into that potty.  ; )

I'll come back with a 31 week t-shirt project tomorrow hopefully.  That's what I had planned on doing today, but as seen above, our bed was just too damn comfortable.

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