Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Liliana!

Liliana dearest:

Today you are TWO YEARS OLD!  It's AMAZING to me that you're growing so fast.  I thought that the first year of your life flew by, but this year was EASILY faster.  I felt like we had your first birthday party two days ago.  In one years time, you have changed so much.  We really are getting to know you as a PERSON.  We know that you are a smart, pretty, and hilarious girl, but the main thing we've learned this year is that you are so very KIND.  Your favorite thing on earth is to give people hugs.  You also adore giving heart felt kisses to just about anybody that is willing to look at you. 

Your hugs are nearly indescribable.  They're so sincere and full of love.  You squeeze tight on to anybody and have never, not even for one second, had an ounce of stranger anxiety.  You've never cried when you've left anyone's arms.  You're more than willing to do just about anything. Daddy loves to call you his sugar glider because when someone is holding you, you cling on so tight!

Your vocabulary is still VERY impressive.  I stopped counting how many words you could say months ago because I don't think Mommy can even count that high.  Now I'm just counting how many words you're stringing together and I think the longest sentence you've said is 6 words long.  You can count to about 10 in English and to 5 in Spanish.  We're still working on colors ... you can say a ton of them, but don't get them correct when being asked.  This is one of those things that Mommy always worries about and Daddy says, "SERIOUSLY?  Have you heard her speak?  The milestone says 2 to 3 words together and she's saying 6!"  Oh, by the way, the longest sentence you've strung together?

"No doggie, that is Liliana's cake!"

As you can see, you're still quite a fan of food. ; )  The ONLY thing you won't eat?  EGGS!  Weird huh?  You won't even TRY them.  We don't fight it much becuase you eat squash, cauliflower, and just about anything else, so if you have one thing that you're not a fan of, we're understanding of that.

You are NOT a girly girl at all (not that there's anything wrong with that).  This is what you wanted for your birthday and was Mommy and Daddy's birthday gift to you (thanks for choosing an $11 gift by the way!  That was pretty much our budget ... c'mon, you wouldn't remember if I told you we got you a million things right?).  We took you to Target and let you choose a toy.  We narrowed it down to 2 and the car is the one you wanted.  Daddy wanted to get a Tonka truck, but Mommy said this one was cuter.  I have no problem with you playing with boy toys, but since we know we're having 2 girls, might as well get pink stuff in case Gloria is girly girl.

Another favorite of yours lately is having us sing.  You like hearing Mommy and Daddy sing Ring around the rosie, old mcdonald, row your boat, happy birthday, itsy bitsy spider, and just about anything.  You try singing the words along, like giving us advice as to what animal Ol Mcdonald had at his farms, and have little dances that you do to each.

I'm not exactly sure how much you're weighing lately, but if I had to guess, it's about 31 pounds.  You're not a small thing, that's for sure.  You're still VERY tall, though I don't know the exact measurements.  You've been in 2T clothing for about 4 months and no longer fit in to any 24 month clothing.  You even have a few 2T items that are snug, and it's usually because they're too short.  Long torso and legs will do that to you.  You've continued to sleep like a champ.  You've never woken up before 8 am, EVER, and your average is 9 am.  Thank you for that!  I can't remember the last time you woke up in the middle of the night and we had to go in there to sooth you ... maybe when you were 4 months old?  Yeah, we're spoiled.  You still don't have all your teeth.  Those molars are still trying to come through, but other than that, we're complete. 

Your FAVORITE books on this entire planet are two that your Padrino got you for your first birthday: "Goodnight moon" and "nursery rhymes."  Both of them have recordings of people reading them to you, but since we read with soft light before bedtime we have to read them to you.  You've chosen these two books SO many times that Daddy has hidden them from you.  I think he's getting a WEE bit sick of reading them. ; )

You're a great helper around the house.   You put away your dishes without being asked, you clean up your toys in the living room without being asked, you ask for a paper towel when you spill something to clean it up yourself, and never have issues when we say "help do ________."  In fact, you like it!  You get a kick out of feeling accomplished.

One thing that gives us a GREAT laugh is your obsession with body parts.  You have been known to tell MANY women that those things on their chests are their "boobies" and then you pat yours and show them yours too.  Oy ... it gets worse.  You like patting "booties" and just yesterday, started screaming "GINA!" (vagina) while touching yours.  We originally taught you all the names of things you were curious about because with a Daddy as a Urologist we realized that body parts couldn't be a thing to be embarassed about in our house.  That being said, we're starting to tell you "no, we don't say those things in public." because it was getting a wee bit embrassing when you were screaming out "Mommy and Daddy's booty!" while grocery shopping. ; )  I only put this paragraph in this letter so that one day when you're getting married, I can read this at your rehersal dinner.

You've been ready to be potty trained for quite some time now but Mommy and Daddy have, quite frankly, been lazy about getting the ball rolling.  You've tinkled in the potty  a few times because you take your pants off and go sit there.  You're giving us a heck of a sign!  You've also done #2 a few times too.  We plan on doing the initiative this upcoming weekend and will hopefully have you mostly potty trained by the time sissy arrives.

LOVE you baby girl.  LOVE you so very much.  Birthdays get me so emotional, but not for a bad reason.  Just because I grow more and more proud of who you are as a person every minute.  We are honored to be your parents.


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