Friday, May 25, 2012

Maternity Photos

Tomorrow we're getting our maternity photos done!  I am so excited!  Yes I look like a swollen cow, but it's still fun to document this exciting time in our lives.  We're getting them done by the same lady that did our Christmas card pictures.  She's trying to build her photo business so her photos are SO affordable (like $25 for a photo shoot and the CD with all the pictures in high quality resolution). 

Evan and I got some GREAT shots when we were pregnant with Liliana and it's so fun looking back on them to reminisce ...

In order to change things up this go around, and since we're going to be able to take some outside this time, I'm been looking up cute maternity picture ideas.  As you've probably gathered from the ones I posted above, I don't like the "nude" maternity pictures.  And let me tell you, that's about 75% of what's out there.  I don't mind showing the belly every now and then, but some of them are just flat out creepy.  Sorry, I said it, and I mean it!  If Evan's going to be grabbing my boobs (like the men are doing in about 50% of the maternity pictures), it'll be in a much more private setting, thank you very much.  Call me a prude, but I don't think having a belly gives me permission to flaunt my entire body out there for everyone to see ... plus, who wants to see that?  Trust me, I'll look MUCH more attractive 6 months postpartum than I do right now! haha.  Ok, that's my soap box.  Here are some cute new photos I found!  Thank you pinterest!

 This is too cute for words!  Liliana is ALL about giving LOTS and LOTS of kisses so hopefully we'll be able to snag this shot.

 I really like this picture for some reason.  I think it shows the importance of Mommy and Daddy still being in to one another (not to the degree of booby grabbing as I mentioned above).  It's sweet, intimate, and definitely one to try (though my belly does get in the way of kisses sometimes already!).

YES YES YES!  If we can get Liliana to comply, we're totally going to try this one.  It will mimic the one where Evan listened to HER heartbeat!  BEAUTIFUL.

There's something sweet about just lying in the grass.  Sure, it looks sweet and my  body will be totally uncomfortable in reality, but I like the simple shots a lot.

We have a train nearly identical to this at the park where we're going to take photos so this gave me some options to work with!

I like that Daddy got some attention in this one, even if it was just his backside, but Evan has a GREAT booty  and his wide shoulders are my favorite feature, so I'm a fan. ; )

* NOTE: Yes this was supposed to be the day that I posted my week 31 pictures, but it's not my fault ... really ... see, we went to Home Goods yesterday afternoon and found a ton of stuff (some worked, some has to be returned), and then we worked on the master bedroom some more (seriously, it looks beyond awesome), and then, by the time I remembered, I was very tired and it was practically 10 pm ... soo ... ok, I have no excuse.  We are SO lame about taking belly pictures this go around!  Sorry Gloria!


  1. The best family pictures are always action shots! Im sure the photographer will get some gret ones of yall just hanging out at the park!

    Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  2. You look so cute in those photos from your Liliana pregnancy! Can't wait to see the new ones :)