Friday, May 4, 2012

A Doggie Miracle

Yesterday we went out to dinner with some of our favorite people here in Little Rock.  When we got back, we decided to play out front in the yard before putting Liliana down for bed.  Liliana loves throwing the basketball and water polo ball everywhere but sometimes they go too far for her to get.  This is when we realized the frightening news:

The gardener had come to our house and left the gate WIDE open.  Of course, NEITHER dog was to be found.

Needless to say, it wasn't a fun situation.  At first we responded with a "darn it, let's go look for them" kind of mentality, but it quickly spiraled in to "will we ever find them?"

Since Liliana had to head to bed, I stayed home, read her stories, and sat outside on our patio listening for familiar doggie howls while working on orders for the etsy shop.  Evan drove around for nearly 2 hours (on and off) trying to find them.  We went to bed without the dogs in our backyard.  We left food out and the gate wide open just in case they found their way back.

This morning I started posting on the Arkansas Lost Dog Facebook page and my cell phone rang.

"I think we have your beagle."  A SWEEET family had fallen in love with Linda (and in fact were going to keep her if they didn't find the owners).  The kiddos were crying since they did find us, but I quickly went to Shipleys, bought them some thank you doughnuts, left work and got my beagle.  This cutie is now back at home thanks to her microchip!  Seriously, best $20 you can spend for your animals.

SO glad she's back home!  I think she got better treatment with them than she does with us (she got to sleep with kids, got all the food she wanted, and was on furniture.  Those are ALL no no's in our house ... I'm thinking she was SAD to see me when I came to pick her up.

After Linda was found, we still had Sherman to find.  I was hoping the two would have wandered off together but no such luck.  Sherman isn't microchipped since he's still a puppy and this worried me.  It also worried me that Linda was found MILES away from our home.  She had passed VERY busy streets and it really was a miracle that she was found, that someone was kind enough to go to a vet to get her microchipped, and that they were sweet enough to not just keep her for their own.

While I was dealing with the Linda ordeal, Evan still had to find Sherman.  He called a pound and guess what?  Someone had turned in a golden retriever puppy!  We still weren't too sure if it was our golden retriever puppy, but then I remembered the golden ticket: Sherman's collar!  It's a unique looking one because it's red with bones on it.  When I called to ask if he had that collar, sure enough, it was him!  Evan went to the pound where we were informed the lady that dropped Sherman off did so CRYING the entire time.  What can I say, our dogs have that kind of effect on people!  We are SO happy to have this guy back home with us too.

Both of them were found miles from the house and miles away from each other but because of people's kindness, we have them back home with us.  Remember to pick up dogs for others because you could make their day, it certainly made ours! 

It was all in all a busy day, but a TOTAL doggie miracle! : )


  1. I am so glad they were found, I would be beside myself if our 2 pooches went missing... And please blog more on their sweet faces. :-)

  2. SO glad you found both of them. I would have a heart attack if we lost out pups. 1) because one is a police dog and costs a crap ton of money and 2) because i LOVE them. They are definitely my first "born" kiddos. I will definitely always try to stop and pick up lost pups!