Friday, May 18, 2012

The Cinnabon Story

Last week I flew to San Antonio all by my lonesome because Evan and Liliana made the trip earlier in the day while I stayed behind at work for a few more hours.  When I landed in Dallas, I had a pretty long layover which I put to good use.  I wrote thank you notes from our baby shower, I walked around to stretch the legs, and I used the potty.  Suddenly I realized I was pretty hungry and while I was craving an Auntie Anne's pretzel, there wasn't one in that terminal.  SO I did the next best unhealthy thing ... I got myself a Cinnabon.

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of eating a Cinnabon, they're huge cinnamon rolls completely COVERED in butter, cinnamon, and gooiness.  They're exceedingly bad for your health, but so good to eat.  It's not a treat I give myself everyday.  In fact, I think it's only an airport thing and I hadn't had one in probably a year and a half?  Maybe even more.

Being 30 weeks pregnant, I decided this was about as great of an excuse to get a Cinnabon as possible.  I got water as well, to even out the evilness (ok, it didn't even come close to evening it out, but we women have to be irrational sometimes right?) and enjoyed my treat.

I sent this picture to my Dad and brother (both big Cinnabon fans, especially my brother) and said "stuck in Dallas for an hour ... what to do what to do"

As I was typing this text message, this complete stranger came up to me and said:

"Don't you think it's a pretty bad idea to be feeding something with so much sugar to your unborn child?"

I wish I was kidding.  I wish I was making this crap up.  But she SERIOUSLY asked me that.

I was sitting at one of those high top tables and about 10 other people heard.  Their jaws nearly dropped to the floor.

You're probably wondering "what did Ms. Opinionated Lawyer Cristy say in response?"  I have to admit, I wasn't nearly as mean as I should have been.  I think I was in a greater state of shock more than anything.

I just responded:

"Ma'am, I exercise regularly while pregnant and when not pregnant.  I think life is about moderation and I decided this would be my treat." 

But I could have said SO many other things.  This lady, not to sound rude, but I mean, she insulted me so can't I be insulting in return, was rather large herself and she wasn't pregnant.  Nothing wrong with that, but who is she to be judging me?  If she had seen me eating TEN of them, that's one thing, but if nobody ate cinnamon rolls, the world would be a VERY sad place!  I'm doing my part to contribute to the happiness of the world!!!

So things I could have said:

"Mind your own damn business."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you, I was stuffing my face with unhealthy food and laughing at how much it was hurting the baby inside of me!"

"Hey lady, you look like you've had a few of your own cinnamon rolls in the past!"

But I didn't.  I said the moderation thing.  and it was the best answer.  I didn't stoop to her level.  I didn't want to make her feel crappy.  But truth be told?  I didn't feel crappy at all for eating it!

Life is about moderation.  And if we can't have a Cinnabon every now and then, then we are taking life WAY too seriously.


  1. OMG! You are def much nicer than me! I would have told her off!!

  2. Or, "Don't YOU think it's a bad idea to walk up to complete strangers and make judgmental comments?"

    Cannot believe that. I guess I've been lucky -- the only random stranger comment I've gotten was from a woman who said I should stay home with my kids because they're only young once. I didn't really mind because she just saw I was pregnant and came over. She had no idea whether I intended to work or not, so it's not like she was pointedly telling me I was a bad mom.

  3. I think most women have a story like this from when they were pregnant. Mine was when I was about 4 months pregnant and a woman walked up to me at a party and asked how far along I was. I told her, 4 months. She said: "You're too big for 4 months." I said, "What's your excuse?". You are much nicer than me, Cristy.

  4. I was in a grocery store (this started in the parking lot) with my 2 year old daughter from China. Some "redneck" obviously had an issue with me traveling around the globe to adopt a baby when "we gots babies here." I chose not to engage in conversation with him and instead gave him a slight smile and kept walking towards the store. By the time I was entering, he had gotten out of his truck and had run to catch up with me and stood no less than a foot away SCREAMING at me...things that made no sense at all. By this time, Lilly is hysterical and I know I've gotta somehow get out of there. However, I knew the whole safety in numbers mantra so I went and stood with the baggers so he had MANY eyes and ears on him. He kept getting in my face and Lilly was completely hysterical! Fortunately, someone buzzed a manager and someone at the service had already called 911 and they were there really fast. With all those witnesses, he couldn't deny anything and was arrested and hauled off on the spot. Unfortunately, he had left SIX children and an infant unattended in his vehicle so he faced more charges.

    I had to attend several court hearings and it turns out that he was no stranger to the judge and the mental health system. We live in a very small town, so I feel fortunate we haven't run across him since. Crazy People!!!