Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Girl's Nursery Reveal!

Hi visitors from Kellys Korner!  I worked really hard on my baby girls nursery and am SUCH a big fan of it!!  I've had a few people ask where the prints on the walls are from.  I actually designed and made them myself, so feel free to go to my etsy shop.  My prints are really affordable and I love designing for people (plus, if you read other posts you'll see I'm on bed rest and desparately want something to do, haha!)

I am so excited to announce that we are DONE with baby girl's nursery! Yes, I am only 32 weeks, but considering that the hubby is about to get REALLY busy with work once again, we thought this long weekend was as good a time as any to finish and I am so glad we did. It is BY FAR my favorite room in the house. Just this morning before I left for work, I went in to the room and had myself a little conversation with Gloria asking if she liked the room.  She did, very much!   Hope you guys do as well!

As you recall, putting this nursery together has been quite an obstacle.  Here are all the parts we went through:

Part I: Starting baby girl's nursery.
Part II: The print that started it all.
Part III: Gloria's bedding.
Part IV: choosing the paint color
Part V: the layout ...
Part VI: that darn corner!
Part VII:The Crib Mobile (DIY Steps)
Part VIII: Now that's progress!
Part IX: A Special Corner for a Special Lady
Part X: DIY no sew valances
Part XI: How to Embroidery Hoop Wall.

Sources of EVERYTHING are at the bottom.  I've already had quite a few emails asking for sources, so let me know if I forget anything! 

 Overview of the room

 Other side of the room

 Pretty bedding

Bedding fabrics are the "Kumari Garden Collection."  I had the bumper and blanket made on etsy.  I just used white crib sheets and bought 2 yard of fabric to make the bedskirt (aka, just laid the fabric down).  When it was all said and done, I spent $115 for the 4 piece set!  GREAT deal.

 DIY Crib Mobile

This project cost less than $15 and took less than an hour to put together.  Definitely recommended!

 More detailed views of room:

The little storage box was $15 from Walmart.  The furniture is ALL Ikea except for the pink table which is from Hobby Lobby. 

My recommendation for building a nursery is to come up with a color scheme and use something as inspiration, whether it be a pillow, fabric, or in our case, a print.  It helps make it cohesive.

 Sources for Baby Girl's Nursery:

Paint Colors: Blue is Robin's Egg Nest from Benjamin Moore.
Rug: JC Penney ($80)
Furniture: bookshelf, crib, dresser, shelves, and chair are Ikea.  Pink Table is Hobby Lobby.
Ottoman/ Pink Storage Box: Walmart ($15)
Bedding: blanket and bumper made on etsy.  Kumari Garden fabric collection.  Bed skirt is just 2 yards of fabric laid down below the mattress.  Crib sheets are just plain white crib sheets from Target.
Hoop Wall: Hobby Lobby letters painted white (gift from Grandma).  Hoop walls from Hobby Lobby (mixed 6", 8" and 10").  Fabrics from Kumari Garden Fabric Collection.
Decorations on pink table: lamp is from Target and humidifier is from Target (Crane humidifier)
Decorations on changing table: diaper caddy is from Target ($10) and sock monkey was a shower gift
Decorations on shelf #1: jewelry stand from Hobby Lobby and book ends (red and pink birds) were purchased with a Pottery Barn giftcard that I've had for 4 years and had never used
Decorations on shelf #2: glass bottles and bird cage from hobby lobby.  Books and bunny were gifts from baby shower.
Elephant on bookshelf: from Pottery Barn.
Prints and frames for "dedication" wall: elaborate one from Hobby Lobby,  plain from Michaels.  All prints made and designed by me (go to etsy shop link at top of page and contact me for any of them!)


  1. It's beautiful! Love the color scheme!

  2. Gorgeous, good job to you both...and what an incredible feeling to be at this point already in the 'game'! Knowing that it is done is no doubt a huge de-stresser so good on ya to have pushed through.

  3. Well you are ahead of the game and you both should be proud! It looks beautiful!!!! Love all the circles and the sayings-Gloria is a lucky little girl

  4. I LOVE the nursery decor. I found you on Kelly's blog. We are only 2 days apart in our due dates. I just finished our nursery too, with just a few finishing touches left. Congratulations again!

  5. Very sweet. I think the hoop wall/name is my favorite part!

  6. Wow, I love the nursery. Looks like out of a magazine article! :)

  7. The nursery certainly redefines the meaning of picture perfect. It is just so beautiful. And you used both pink and blue in the color combination for the walls which also came out perfectly fine.

  8. WOW beautiful nursery, LOVVVVVE it :) Visiting from Kelly's!

  9. Very pretty nursery & will easily move to a big girl room one day!

  10. LOVE the nursery! Those colors are fabulous!! Visiting from SUYL!

  11. Love the entire color scheme!!! Especially like your pink side table....we have it too!!!! :)

  12. Beautiful nursery Cristy! Such a cheerful space! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Gorgeous baby girl's nursery. My future nursery is painted blue right now and I want to leave it that color foreither a girl or a boy baby.

  14. Love the colors you chose. Finally found my way here via Kelly's Korner. It's fun to see how others do up their nurseries. Great to get ideas for my first little one!

  15. Absolutely LOVE the fabric choices! Beautiful room!!

  16. I love the hoop wall -- it's very awesome!

    1. ps. wanting to remember how to do the hoop wall was what FINALLY convinced me to join Pinterest :) Thanks a lot!

  17. Beautiful!! Love this nursery :)

  18. LOVE! I am due in two weeks with my first baby girl! I am using Kumari Garden as well! LOVE love LOVE these fabrics!! I was looking for a cute paper lantern mobile and wondering how you did this one! I looked at the bottom of your post and didn't see any info on it? Unless I overlooked, which is HIGHLY likely :) If you could shoot me an email if you ever even see this comment, I would greatly appreciate it!! I've been searching and searching and am in love with the one you made!! Brooke.Sharrow@gmail.com


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