Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Shower Hostess Gift

Last Friday we had our baby shower for Gloria!  My coworkers were sweet enough to throw us a shower even though it's our second baby.  And though I didn't have nearly as many things that I needed this time, there is always a need for people to get together, eat a few yummy snacks, and give some adorable clothing and books! ; )

There were mainly 2 people in charge of throwing the shower and I really wanted to show my appreciation, but how oh how to do that?  I went to TJMaxx and thought of a TON of ideas:

(1) a pizza making kit? Sauce, the pan, dough mix, rolling pin
(2) a gardening kit? Gloves, pot, seeds
(3) Baking kit? cupcake pan, recipe book, whisk

The third one was the winner when I thought of my little phrase:

"You helped us bake our bun in the oven, now go bake something of your own!"

So first I bought some ingredients ...

You can easily go with the gender of the baby so that's why I chose the pink spatula and pink cookbook.  I spent $5.99 on the cupcake muffin pan, $1.99 on the cookbook, and $1.99 on the spatula.  The entire project, therefore, cost $10! : )

Next I wrote a little note.  I thought this phrase was too cute and when I thought of it in TJMaxx I literally told myself, "this is so corny that it just might work!"

Finally, a little tape, some tissue paper, and a ribbon = an adorable affordable hostess baby shower gift!

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