Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gloria's Baby Shower!

Last week we had our baby shower for sweet Gloria.  My coworkers were kind enough to organize it all and though I was silly enough to think that since it was Baby #2 we wouldn't be getting anything, they showered us with goodies!  They asked me to register for items and nearly every darn thing came off that registry.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people here in Little Rock.  It has made the move, the adjustment of Evan's work life, and my pregnancy so much easier.

I wore a dress that Evan bought me weeks ago when I sent him to Target to get some envelopes.  He came back with envelopes and a pretty purple dress.  I'm a lucky gal, what can I say?  He is ALWAYS thoughtful like that.  I'm always the one saying "I don't need any more clothes/ shoes/ etc." and he's always insisting that I need more things.  I truly don't, but he just wants to spoil me.  Never ridicuoulsly of course.  My entire maternity wardrobe comes from Old Navy or Target, but it's the thought that counts and I LOVED my purple dress! : )

The Goodies:

Those cream cheese filled strawberries were OH SO good!  I've been craving fruit this pregnancy, so let's just say I had three ... or four ... or maybe more of them. ; )

What the ladies did was make it a potluck shower!  We had it right after work so letting one person take care of everything was impossible.  This was a GREAT idea because we were able to sample a little bit of everything.  Evan loved this guacamole.

Yummy cake, some pretty flowers, and China.  Just about the perfect definition for a shower!

Some of the loot!  I have some Thank You notes to write this weekend!

They insisted on Liliana attending the shower, and as usual, all eyes were on her!

I put her in her "I'm the big sister" t-shirt! YAY for Gap clearance and coincidental matching with Mommy!

LOVED this basket of useful goodies!  I love it when you get useful gifts at showers.  Give Moms things they'll use!  One gift I got, that I forgot to take a picture of, was a "Mommy/ baby" gift.  It was AWESOME.  It had shower gel and bath salts for Mommy, and lotion for baby.  Maybe that isn't a great gift if it's baby #1, but for ME?  This was AWESOME.  I plan on using those bath salts as I get bigger and bigger and need some ME time!

I was showing Liliana Gloria's "little sister" outfit.  Excuse the boob shot.  Evan had the camera.  That explains it ALL.

Don't flowers just make a space seem so nice?

Shower baby #2 was relaxed, sweet, and so exciting.   If Gloria comes when Liliana did, we have 7 weeks left . Hopefully she'll stay put a little longer.  But in the mean time, we're getting ready for her!


  1. Very sweet. I LOVE those Johnson & Johnson face and hand wipes.

    Where's a belly pic of you in that dress?!

    Glad you had a fun shower and that your hubby was able to be there for it! Also, like your new name and layout!

  2. gimme those strawberries! i mean, congrats to the momma to be :) and liliana is adorable

  3. Congratulations - beautiful shower!