Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Can Be A Parent!

The first of the month is usually a big deal around our house because it usually means Daddy starts a new rotation.  This will change in July when Evan officially starts his Urology years, but during his general surgery year, he switches rotations every month.  This month he is doing Nephrology (kidneys) which is a required month for all Urologists (kidney stones any one?).

Therefore, each month is a new adventure for us.  This month we had no idea what his schedule would be like and then the fellow told him what time they rounded at.  It is MUCH later than when they round on Surgery rotations.  Nephrology isn't a surgical field so they don't have to get people in to the OR. 

Evan sent me a text around 3 pm yesterday saying "I can take Liliana to day care most mornings because I can get to the hospital at 8:30 instead of 5:30!  I can be a parent!!!"

I couldn't help but crack up laughing when I saw that message.  What a great Daddy huh?  Instead of thinking "I get to sleep in to a normal hour for the first time in a year, he thought 'I get to take my daughter to daycare for the first time in a year.'"

I have to admit I was REALLY excited about this development.  I have taken Liliana to daycare every single day without a break and while I don't mind it, the thought of being able to simply drive to work sounded appealing.

And then this morning, I was about to leave to work and ... I didn't like it ONE BIT.  I didn't like the car being that quiet.  I didn't like leaving her at home to spend another 20 minutes with Daddy before they had to leave.  It was, quite honestly, not fun!  I won't take it away from him obviously, because this is the only month in a 5 year span that he'll get this luxury, but it sure does make you realize how much you love certain things and how I was obviously taking that 15 minute car ride foregranted.  Hearing her tell me "this is Liliana's shoe!" and "this is Mommy's car!" and "quiero escuelita! (I love school)" is nice.  The good news is I still get pick up duty ... it's evenly split, so it's rather perfect for now.

So last night, as we marveled at the later start time to his day for the next 4 weeks (have you noticed it's the little things in life that keep you going?), we did something a little ... CRAZY.

Gloria's nursery and the playroom are nearly done (just waiting on a couple projects to be sewed by Evan's aunt) and instead of taking off of decorating responsibilities, we've decided this is optimal time to get working on more rooms in the house since we'll be too busy to do that for a few months after Gloria is born.

We decided that the master bedroom was our next room to tackle and we've known that for a couple weeks but have been LAZY BUMS about getting any of it done.  Evan and I were lying in bed last night cuddling and I told him "you know what would get us started?  If we moved our headboard out of here, transposed it in to the guest room, and had a blank wall!"  I said it mainly as a joke.  Evan didn't think I was joking.

The master bedroom now looks HORRENDOUS and plans to decorate it are underway.  I say plans because the only thing we have so far is the cover to a pillow I ordered on etsy.  This pillow will serve as inspiration to our master bedroom.  Let the planning begin!

This pillow up front is what I ordered from etsy for $20.  We are going to incorporate light blues, light greys, and a couple splashes of that yellow/ green in to the room design.

This pillow is the one that originally caught my eye but it was $70.  The $20 one won ... for obvious $50 savings!


  1. we don't know what we love until we don't have it:) I am glad he can be there in the mornings-Good for all of you. Good luck with the bedroom:)

  2. I love the pillow and the pastel colors!!! :)
    And yay, it sure sounds like you caught your break. Finally for a little while!! :) Happy May!