Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 Weeks Pregnant!

Today, I am 12 weeks pregnant with BITO.  I can't believe it's already nearing the 2nd semester.  This pregnancy has FLOWN FLOWN FLOWN by!  While many parts of me are sad that it's flying by, I'm also looking forward to the more glorious weeks that usually follow in the 2nd trimester.  In my first pregnancy, weeks 20 - 30 were the best.  They were AWESOME and fun.  Let's see which weeks I like now.  In my first pregnancy weeks 4 - 20 were HORRIBLE, and while this one has had it's fair share of me puking in to a toilet (or on the floor like last week because I didn't make it in time!), it has been MUCH better overall.  Instead of CONSTANTLY feeling sick, I just feel sick for a few hours at a time.  One thing I've noticed: SLEEP HELPS!  Over Christmas break I thought my morning sickness was done for the most part.  Now that I'm back at work all the time, I've felt significantly worse.  I think it's because I'm not sleeping as much.  I was sleeping in until 9 every day over the break (so lucky to have a baby that sleeps in!).  Now, I wake up at 6:00 for work and losing those 3 hours = puking.  It's a very strong correlation for me.  I just need a job that would let me nap some time during the day!  Do those exist?  Any body wanna hook me up with one of those? ; )

SO, I probably won't do these surveys every week during this pregnancy like I did with my first, but since 12 weeks is a big milestone, I'll do it today.  I've attached a couple poorly taken belly pics.  I've taken them myself, sorry.  And, the lighting sucks.  But, the point is: I AM HUUUUGE for 12 weeks!!  It's almost embarassing.

How far along are you? 12 weeks today.

Total weight gain: Haven't weighed myself in a while but the Doctor said I had lost a few pounds at my visit last week.  He wasn't too concerned but said I better gain it all back PLUS some by next visit.

How big is baby: Dude, I NEVER know these.  I am horrible about keeping up with this. Most pregnant women get emails telling them this information.  I get emails ALL DAY at work so I don't like adding to them.  Let me look it up (this is what I will do EVERY TIME, I promise):  the size of a lime! 

Maternity clothes: I still haven't worn any, but I did already tell my sister-in-law that I need ALL my clothes back.  She's 30 weeks and I feel bad asking for my clothes back, but my sweaters are TIGHT and I'm using the bella band FULL TIME now.  I got SO much bigger SO much faster this time!  It amazes me.

Stretch  marks: None.  None from Liliana either.  Lucky lady right here!  HOWEVER, my boobs have grown SIGNIFICANTLY this pregnancy so I wouldn't be surprised if I had some because of that.

Sleep:  I get up EVERY MORNING between 3:50 and 4:20 to pee.  It is SO weird.  It's like my body has an alarm for that time period.  The problem with this is that it takes me FOREVER to fall back asleep.  It almost feels like I wake up at 4 every morning as a result because by the time I fall back asleep it's basically 6 and I have to wake up to head to work.  Considering I'm getting to sleep around 11, I doubt that is enough sleep for a pregnant lady.

Best Moment this Week:  I have had THE WORST eye pains for the last 6 weeks and I went to this Optometrist (that I THOUGHT was an Opthamologist but was wrong).  Today, the Opthmalogist called me and said she's concerned that the Optometrist hasn't figured out what's going on and she wants to see me TODAY.  So honestly, that is the best part of my day ... just trying to fix this eye pain that WILL NOT go away!

Movement:  I felt some last week!  Isn't that INSANE?  At 11 weeks?  But I know they were flutters.  I felt Liliana around 16 weeks and I know they say you feel it sooner with the second, but this is EARLY.  I haven't felt any this week so maybe baby has moved, but that's ok ... I'm looking forward to feeling them again in a few weeks.

Food Cravings:  I've enjoyed bagels this pregnancy.  Other than that, I haven't had cravings, just mainly aversions.  I am still at the "force yourself to eat" stage.  I've noticed that water, and a good amount of it, helps with nausea so I'm trying to convince myself to crave that.

Labor Signs:  No, but I have had some round ligament pains!  Dr. said that since I'm popping out already that's to be expected.

Belly button in or out:  In still, but I swear it's becoming less of an innie already.

What I Miss: I miss not feeling sick.  Whether it has been a cold, or nausea, or my eye pain, SOMETHING has been nagging at me for 6 weeks.  I just want to feel HEALTHY!  I guess I just have to give it time (and sleep).

What I'm Looking Forward To: I have a FUN weekend planned: girl night on Friday (those are always a BLAST), hubby time on Saturday, and family time Saturday night.

Milestone:  hitting the 12 week mark with NO scares!  With Liliana, we had already had 2 ultrasounds, a few times that I spotted, etc.  This pregnancy, aside from having some cysts that hurt at first, has been DRAMA FREE!  LOVING IT!  Hoping that doesn't change! (knocking on wood as I type)

Belly Pic?  Sure, why not:

Here I am this morning before work!  Belly is where I was at 16 weeks the first time! EEK!

Here is Liliana's reaction when you say "Liliana do you love the baby?"  She LOVES pointing at my belly and saying baby over and over again.  I think she's understanding that I'm looking bigger lately, and she knows what a baby is, but I don't think she can even BEGIN to comprehend how much her life is going to change in about 25 weeks! : )


  1. I definitely "popped" earlier this pregnancy too... but that quickly slowed down once I hit 20 weeks. Now I'm right along with how I was with Clayton. But, my boobies are huge as well, haha! Darren says they are how they are right before I had Clayton. ;-) He's the expert after all! I can't believe you felt movement! Crazy cool! =) And I love that Liliana is already so excited... super sweet. She'll be such a wonderful big sister!

  2. Your experience is very similar to mine!! I am worse when I don't get any sleep either and th problem is I want to sleep all day long! I wasn't this exhausted with aiden! I am on zofran for the nausea but zofran makes me tired and gives me headaches! It is a lose lose situation! I think I have felt movement too but don't know if I am crazy or not:p I am also looking forward to week 20 as that was my turning point last time!!

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  4. At 16 weeks I looked at least 25 weeks pregnant (31 weeks now)! You definitely pop quicker with the second. I started feeling baby move around 18 weeks as opposed to 24 weeks with my son. I remember my big sigh of relief at 12 weeks. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months :-)

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