Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Name Game for Baby #2!

Originally Written: December 20th, 2011

I know I'm only 8 weeks 5 days pregnant. I know that I still have a TON of time to think of a name. In fact, I know that I don't even NEED a name until some time in July. But it is driving me absolutely NUTTY that we don't have a name for baby #2!

I have the EXACT same dilemma that I had with baby #1. We are pretty set with a girl name, have NO boy name, and know the boy bedding but have no clue about the girl bedding. What to do what to do?

I think we're pretty set on the name GLORIA if it is a girl. This DEFINITELY fits within my "no top 100 rule" because it's something like #400, but there are a few things we like about the name. (1) My grandma, whom I was VERY VERY VERY close to was named Gloria. Evan adored her as well. (2) It it a Spanish name that people who speak English won't mess up. (3) It's unique. (4) It's the only name that Evan and I can truly agree on. SO, for now (and that's TOTALLY subjec to change), I think we're set on Gloria.

If it's a boy? Well this is where it gets tricky. We still like the names Marshall and Graham, but for some reason, I'm not yet 100% sold on them. Our favorite boy name is GABRIEL. BUT ... here's the ONLY issue with it ... it's in the top 100. NOOOOOOOO!!! I know this is the STUPIDEST thing to hold me back, but for some reason, I don't want a name in the top 100. If it was number 103, I swear we'd be set on Gabriel. SO, what do to what do to? I'm guessing the boy name we settle on will be one of these 3, but in the mean time, I find myself SO uninspired by boy names. None of them "wow" me. Well, other than Gabriel. Our boy could TOTALLY look like a Gabriel. Or a Graham. Or a Marshall. I would LIKE the idea of something Hispanic for the first name of all our children since they get the English last name, but I'm not 100% set on that happening. It's simply a preference.

I thought typing out my thoughts would relax me. I think I'm just more stressed. GRRR.

Update on January 11th: we are NO WHERE closer to a name.  I am thinking EXACTLY what I was thinking when I wrote this 3 weeks ago.  Any thoughts on these names are greatly appreciated!


  1. If you love Gabriel, I say go with it. I don't think you'll regret it. It's a classic name in my opinion- it isn't one of the Top 100 that are trendy. Some names are in the Top 100 because they really are great names - and I think Gabriel is one of those!

    I don't know any little Gloria's. Pretty and feminine and nice that it isn't overused. Sounds like a winner to me.

    Coming up with a name is difficult but so fun and exciting at the same time!

  2. I love Graham!! All great choices!

  3. Are you guys hoping for one gender over another?