Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Scary, "Not Again!", and Exciting Morning

The second the alarm went off this morning (my OLD SCHOOL alarm clock b/c my cell phone was in the crappers after the daughter dropped it in the toilet yesterday) I felt kinda weird.  I felt quite nauseated, which is rare for me these days.  I've been feeling significantly better the last few weeks and a little pop of Zofran makes me feel good for the VAST majority of the day. 

I took a shower and got ready without noticing too much being strange.  I woke Liliana up and after we said good bye to Elmo 8 times and after she sang row row row your boat (well, in her words it goes ROW ROW ROW ... BOAT ... MERRILY MERRILY MERRILY! YAY!!!! and she gives herself a huge clapping and scream ovation after that) we went downstairs.  I decided, hey let's see if this stupid phone works (knowing full well that after sitting in a toilet for 20 minutes it wouldn't).

And ... guess what ...

The stupid thing works! 

The husband came home and told me to dry it out over nigh and I guess it did the trick! Don't you just HATE when they're right?

Amazon already told me I could return the one I ordered yesterday for full price, so YAY!  $200 back in the bank account!

As soon as it started working though, I started feeling 'weird' again.

Then I realized I was BURNING up.  I immediately took my jacket off (note: it wasn't warm in the house).  I started sweating a ton, felt EXTREMELY light headed, and sat down.  While sitting down, my vision and hearing slowly went away for what I'm guessing was about 45 seconds (hard to tell since I was so out of it).

This isn't the first time this has ever happened to me.  This happened to me while I was pregnant with Liliana.  That time I was about 19 weeks pregnant and in the grocery store.  This time, I'm only 13 weeks along.

I immediately called my favorite sexy doctor (aka Evan) and told him what happened.  After he got over the fact that my phone was working, he told me to stay seated and drink gatorade.  He said I have to stay hydrated.  Here's the problem: I drank 72 oz of water the previous day!  I've been staying quite hyrdated this pregnancy!  I did tell my husband that I only peed twice yesterday after drinking all that, so I'm thinking I wasn't well hydrated before then and maybe that's what did this again.

I called my OB just to talk with another doctor about it and they repeated the same things to me.

SO for now, I'm sitting here at work with a huge water jug and a gatorade next to me.  I don't know necessarily WHY this happens to me when I'm pregnant and as long as I stay prepared, it isn't too much of a pain.  But when I feel like I'm passing out, and when my vision is slowly going away, it's a really terrifying helpless feeling ... especially since Liliana was around today and I wouldn't want her to see Mommy fall down or something like that.

Needless to say, it wasn't even 7:30 and we had quite a morning: a possible freak out moment, a phone that miraculously came back from the dead, and a feeling of "gosh darn it, not THIS again!"


  1. Same thing happened to me a couple of times while pregnant! Not fun!

  2. I had the same thing happen to me and with my third, it was frequent. Come to find out that standing in one place made my heart rate or bp drop too low so I'd crash. Drink and if you dont eat a lot of salt ( I don't) get something salty. Crazy, isn't it? Couldn't stand Gatorade so I drank propel since it has electrolytes in it too.

    Yay about the phone.