Thursday, January 26, 2012

14 Weeks Pregnant - T-Shirt Project

I am 14 weeks pregnant with BITO today!  This week had some tough days as I blogged about earlier this week, but now that the medicine is in my system once again, we're right as rain. 

In TWO short weeks we will try to see if BITO is a he or a she! I put a poll on the sidebar (left) for people to vote and take a guess!  Should be fun to see what you guys are thinking and who ends up being right!  For the record: my parents think boy and so does Evan.  I think girl.  But the woman is always right, so ... my vote should count times a million at this stage. ; )

How Far Along: 14 weeks today

Total Weight Gain: about 1.5 to 2 pounds I think.  I think it's all belly and boobs so far.  But we know that will change soon!

Maternity Clothes:  I am unbuttoning my pants and using my bella band so use normal pants still.  However, I need most maternity tops!  This belly is VERY different from my last one shape wise b/c with Liliana it was the bottoms that changed drastically first. 

Stretch Marks:  NO, but I can see my veins more in the breast area.  It's strange and quite unattratctive if you ask me. 

Sleep:  The pregnancy pillow found its way in to our bed 2 times this week and it really helps.  I like it especially when Evan is out of the door and I still have some sleeping left to do.  It's like my sleeping buddy.

Best Moment this Week:  EVAN FELT BITO MOVE LAST NIGHT!  Isn't that CRAZY?  I was psyched out of my mind that I felt some movements around week 12 or so, but last night BITO was going to town and I thought "maybe, just maybe" even though I truly thought it woulnd't be until I was at least 16 weeks for Evan to feel it.  I told Evan to try and within seconds he said "I felt one there!  and there!"  and they were EXACTLY when I was feeling kicks so I know we were right on page.  We've got another big and strong baby in there it seems!

Miss Anything: I'm pretty sick of constantly having to eat something to make me feel good.  I carry snacks around just in case and I miss the days of not worrying about nausea.  Hopefully those will come again soon.

Movement:  Look at "best moment this week."  We seem to make babies that kick early and hard b/c Liliana was a constant mover.  I don't tend to feel BITO move too much during the day but at night I feel it lots more.  I'm chalking this up to the fact that I feel more when I'm lying down and relaxed for the first time in the day.  Also I'm only 14 stinking weeks! haha.

Food Cravings:  FRUIT!  I love oranges, cantaloupes, &grapes.  This is an awesome craving considering with Liliana it was candy.  I fully expect this will change soon, but for now, I'll take it.

Food aversions:  Anything that has a strong odor.  I don't like seafood, but I can't imagine being around somebody that would want to be eating it.  No thank you!

Gender: Only the man upstairs knows for now!  My gut says girl, but it's hard to tell.  This pregnancy has been different in a lot of ways, but we'll just have to see.

Labor Signs: I've had some round ligament pains, especially while working out.  I've also had a couple braxton hicks already, but nothing too painful or out of the ordinary.  They're very short lived.

Wedding rings on or off:  they're still on!  YAY for that.  With Liliana they did come off, but later.  I'm thinking the same will happen this go around.  YAY for getting swollen.  NOT.

Looking Forward To:  Finding out the gender in 2 weeks!  I know there's a chance we won't see and then I'll just have to be even more patient.  However, patience IS NOT my biggest strength so here's hoping! ; )


  1. So creative and fun! I'll share this on #Pinterest for sure! I'm a few weeks ahead of you :)

  2. I love that you share all of this! I'm hoping boy b/c the bedding is too cute!

  3. I love the t-shirt calendar idea! And yay for Evan feeling BITO kick! My vote? Girl.