Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The T-Shirt Project

With Liliana, I took a picture of my belly every week and then for Christmas Evan made a video of my progressing belly. 

It was definitely a success.

With this pregnancy, I wanted to do something a little different.  After all, each baby is different!  I haven't taken a picture every week like I did with Liliana, but I do think I got a little more creative.

I saw a t-shirt project on pinterest that was really adorable. So, I decided to be a copy-cat and to take matters in to my own hands a little as well:

Pretty soon, I want to order either a chalk board or dry erase board where I can make notes in the background.  I was waiting until I was showing more to do that and since I started showing earlier this time, it's time to order that sucker!

To make the t-shirt, I took a piece of cardboard and put it underneath one of Evan's old t-shirts. Then I just started writing with permanent marker!

So far, I've only taken two pictures with it, but as you can see, I was pretty happy to take this first one:

funny side note: That belly video has nearly 1,000 hits.  You would think that would be the most popular video I've posted to youtube.  You'd be wrong.  When Liliana was about 4 1/2 months, we took a video of her when we played with the nasal aspirator.  She LOVED the thing.  NEVER fussed when we used it (most babies detest it).  Watch for a fun time if you'd like:


  1. CUTE idea! Congrats on your new baby on the way!

  2. For some reason, the videos aren't showing on my kindle. But I love that tshirt... what a cute idea! Contests on baby #2!

  3. The video with Liliana is SO cute! Her eyes get big every time you use the nasal aspirator!