Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top 10 Pins

A few months weeks ago I said I would post my favorite 10 pins that I had seen on pinterest that month. I did one lame post and never did it again.  But today, I felt like revisiting some pins.  I think pinterest is a great website.  Yes, I rarely do the "crafts" or "home renovations" that I pin.  But one day darn it, when we have the money and time to do it, I'll get on that handy dandy website and make it happen!  Just like Tim Gunn.

In no particular order then, here are the top 10 things that have been on my mind lately:

1. Banana Pudding: The baby made me put this one.  I think some banana pudding sounds out of this world right now.  YUM.  And this it the good 'ol classic Nabisco recipe.  I think I'll have to make this this weekend.

Recipe found HERE.

2. Boy Bedding: IF we have a boy (Mommy's gut tells her another girl), Evan said he wanted a space theme.  And guys, we have the bedding already picked out and have since BEFORE we even started trying.  It's freaking CHEAP at Target and totally cute.  I'll be ordering it the same day if we find out it's a boy b/c it's been on the website forever and I'm scared they're going to discontinue it.  

Out of this world bedding found HERE.

3. Funfetti Cupcakes:  I already posted this recipe on my blog, but these cupcakes are probably in my top 2 pinterest finds.  I make them regularly and they are so very delicious so I wanted to remind others to make them!  Your heart will be happy you did.

I posted the recipe HERE.

4. Master Bedroom Curtains:  Right now we have ugly blinds in our master bedroom and it's quite uninspiring.  I think adding these bamboo shades and the curtains to the side looks so classy and adds SO much to the room.  And I think it would be a room changer without breaking the bank.

5. Feminine Nails: In the good 'ol days (college) I used to get my nails painted once a month.  I did it as a treat to myself and it was a great way to spend the paychecks I made at the law firm I clerked for.  It was $20 (not $25 or $30 like most now) and it made me feel great.  Now, I don't go b/c I use paychecks for my mortgage (boo) and to save up to pay the 6 figure student loan debt that we have accrued through medical school and law school.  BUT, if I were to go get a manicure tomorrow, I'd get it this color.

6. The Pottery Barn Knock Off:  I saw this desk on Pottery Barn for $1,000 and thought "MAN that's nice but GOOD GOLLY it's pricey."  And then on another blog, I saw someone that did the same looks BY HERSELF for CHEAP.  I think we'll be doing this in our study some time within the next year (maybe not before baby but I think this one will actually get done and that's  a start!).

Here is the pricey one:

And the knock-off:

Brilliant way to save money found HERE.

7. For my Texas wall:  We have a "Texas" wall in our home.  Even though we live in Arkansas and love it, we're still Texans at heart and don't want to leave our roots too far behind.  For Christmas, I had Evan's Mom buy him this Texas print.  The nice people on Etsy even added College Station to the print, b/c you can't have Texas without the home of Texas A&M University! WHOOP!  It looks WONDERFUL on our wall.

Cute (and VERY affordable print) found HERE.

8. He and She:  Like I said, our master bedroom decor is very uninspiring.  The room just isn't quite there yet.  I think making these and hanging them above, or next to our nightstands would be so unique.  Each spouse puts 20 things that they love about each other and that's what scrolls in the background. 

9. Guest Bedroom possibility: Our guest bedroom is also uninspired.  I don't know what it is about the bedrooms in our new home, but I can't get them where I'd like them. I also haven't put much effort and definitely ZERO cash in to doing so, so I can only complain SO much! ; )  BUT, these wall decals are pretty and look perfect for a guest bedroom.  I like the grey/ yellow theme for a guest bedroom.

Wall decals found HERE.

10.  What if Mommy's instinct is right?  Don't worry, if it's a girl, I don't have the bedding, but I'm pretty settled on a color scheme.  I LOVE the blue and pink combo and have for a while.  I think that's maybe why I keep saying "gut says girl" because I want an excuse to make a bedroom these colors ... so feminine, fun, and relaxing.  LOVE.


  1. I love that color scheme for a girl!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out the whole Pinterest thing. I joined and apparently have "followers" (whatever that means) but I still haven't quite figured it out. :)