Friday, January 6, 2012

Pregnancy #2 Chapter 1: The Phone Call That Changed Our Lives

 Originally Written: November 14th 

The husband got out of work a little later than he's been getting out lately and called on his way home, right before I was going to pee.  Instead of going to the restroom, I answered the phone and heard:

"Can we PLEASE just test tonight?  I'm getting too anxious!"

I told him it wasn't a very good idea because if it was negative I would simply be bummed all evening instead of having the distraction of work.

He said "well, that's true, but I really really want to!"

We had a compromise.  We would try the cheap internet sticks that say to first test the day after you miss your period.  They weren't sensitive enough to get it before then apparently.  That way I could continue to tell myself "maybe it'll work in a few days."

So, I peed.  And after a minute I told him "it looks negative but I'll come back in a minute."

As I said that, I thought I saw a tinge of a line.  I looked further and the husband said "there is a line!  There is a line!"

 It almost seemed strange that the cheapo stick worked so before I knew it, the husband was SPRINTING up the stairs to get the first response.  The "real" one.

Well guess what?  That one line had come up on this one too!

This gorgeous 18 month old gal prayed and her prayers were answered!  She is going to be a big sister!



  1. Congrats! :) Those internet cheapies worked early for us, too. ;)

  2. Congratulations! Good way to bring in the new year!!