Monday, January 16, 2012

Sometimes you can't help what happens to the budget ...

So I'm sitting here watching the Ellen show.  I'm pretty obsessed with her show.  She's SO kind.  I think she sends such a wonderful message.  At the end of each episode she says "be kind to one another."  That's about the #1 thing I would want others to try and do and it's something that I've been trying to get BETTER and BETTER at everyday: just being KIND to people.  It's even something as small as saying "hello, how are you?" to someone if they look lonely, or complimenting a student that I can tell is having a rough day.

Anyway, I'm sitting here watching the show while Liliana takes a nap because truth be told, i needed a BREAK.

I got a great workout in this morning and rushed home to shower so that Liliana and I could bring Daddy lunch while he was at the hospital. 

While in the shower, I noticed Liliana messing around the bathroom, like she usually does.

And when I got out, I was going to text Evan that we were nearly leaving the home.  I couldn't find my phone!  I asked Liliana if she had been playing with it and she said "yes."  I asked her where it was and she said "I don't know."  Hmmm ...

I emailed Evan (from the computer) and told him to call so I could find it.

10 minutes later, I couldn't hear it and couldn't find it.

Suddenly I thought "oooo dear ... no .... "

I lift up the toilet seat.  Lo and behold, there is the phone.  Sitting in the toilet.

I rushed to Sprint.  I don't have insurance on the phone.  Turns out, i'm screwed.

SO, $200 later I ordered a refurbished one on Amazon. 

Sometime's you just can't control what happens to the budget!!!

I decided I was done spending money for weeks.  We'll eat PBJ for 2 weeks to make up the difference of my Mommy stupid moment.

But, like I said ... I was watching the ellen show.

And she had on these guests that slid in to a frozen river and the Dad got out and was trying to get his children out of the car.  10 STRANGERS ended up saving 3 lives!  THREE children!  It had me in tears (c'mon, I'm 13 weeks pregnant, I cry lots). 

SO, not 5 minutes after I had promised not to spend money, I spent $30 buying two of these:

Here is the link.  I STRONGLY encourage others to buy this!  Even if you dont' regularly drive over water.  You NEVER know what might happen and it's worth $14.95 to save your life and anyone elses. 

This is a hammer to break the window of the car and a knife to break your seat belt off.  In two days, these will be in our glove boxes and god forbid we ever have to use them, but at least it will let me know that we did what we could BEFOREHAND.

Like I said ... sometimes you just can't help what happens to the budget.

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  1. I have had lots of friends with phones in the toilet. I even just read about it somewhere, so just in case google water and cellphones. Some have soaked theirs in rice after removing battery and drying it off and there is an alcohol sold at hardware stores that helps too. Hugs. We all have those moments.