Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pregnancy #2: Chapter 3: "Oh Christmas Puke"

Originally Written: December 14th

When I got home from work the husband was already there (he took his USLME Step 3 the last 2 days so got off early! It was glorious!). He asked me how my day had gone and I told him "I felt off all day ... just not as good as I have been feeling." So I did my typical lounging and ate dinner even though it didn't settle too well with my stomach.

That isn't surprising. Very little settles well with my stomach these days so I didn't think much of it.

Around 7 the husband suggested that we go drive around with the baby girl looking at Christmas lights. This sounded so fun and the husband is rarely home in time to do this so even though I didn't feel very good, I said yes.

When we got there, I started feeling pretty ... bad.

The husband suggested we drive back home but I am SICK of doing that (we drove back home after having put our name down at a restaurant and I proceeded to throw up RIGHT as we got back home on Friday). I thought this time I could stomach it.

We drove around and found the street where we will buy our next house if we stay here in Arkansas for longer than 5 years. But after about 15 minutes, I told the husband, "we have to get back home. I just feel like shit."

As he got closer to the house, I really felt it coming up. I told him to give me the little throw up bags he stole from the hospital.

I thought I could make it to the toilet. I really thought I could.

But as the tires went OVER our driveway, it came out. ALL OF IT. In the car.

Twenty more seconds and I would have made it to the house, but instead, in our driveway, I puked my guts out.

So instead of singing "Oh Christmas Tree" we were singing "Oh Christmas puke"

UGH. I can't wait to feel better!

This pregnancy has been more severe than my last one for sure by this stage. I have thrown up 6 times in the last 17 days.

I went to bed and took about 10 pills: anti-nausea, fiber pills (because I haven't taken a good poop in who knows how long due to the anti-nausea pills), etc etc. I slept and didn't set my alarm intentionally. I can't miss work right now, and one of the BAD parts of working at a school is that you only get TWO personal days the ENTIRE school year. YEAH, talk about tough. So, these days are precious cargo that I can't go using up. I finally rolled out of bed around 7:30 and got to work at 9 (so about an hour and a half late).

I feel better for now. But who knows by now? Night time car rides and I don't mix. Or rather, I should say, night time car rides and BITO don't mix. Maybe he/ she'll get car sick as a baby? Hope I'm wrong.

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