Monday, January 23, 2012

A LAME Couple

Since Evan started residency and since I got pregnant, we have become the definition of LAME on Friday nights.  This last Friday was no exception.  Evan RARELY gets a Saturday morning off.  In fact, this was the first Saturday morning he has had off since ... geesh ... early December?  At least 6 weeks.  You would think that as a result, we would party it up on Friday nights, since they're a rare gem in our household.

We always have FUN plans.  Sometimes it involves getting a babysitter, but more often than not (since we want to spend time with Liliana since Evan doesn't usually get to see her as much as he'd like and since we want to save on money and dates cost money), we end up planning something to stay at home.  This Friday, I got off work, ran to Kroger, rented a movie (Hangover Part II for silly laughs), and bought some popcorn.  The evening was set.

After we had dinner and played with Liliana for a good while, we put her to bed around nine (something we often do on weekends to ensure we get to sleep in the next day and like always, she delivered and didn't wake up until 9:40 on Saturday morning.  We are lucky parents I know).  Anyway, after we put her to bed around nine, we went to our bedroom to change in to PJs and get comfy to watch the movie.

After spending some time together talking about our day, next thing I know, SERIOUSLY it is 5 am in the morning.  We fell asleep around 9:45!  Like total LAME-O's!  Evan got up to put the dogs in the garage (poor babies, we NEVER do this to them).  Then, he came back upstairs and I slept until 8:30.  Yes I slept nearly 11 hours.  I'm pregnant.  Sue me.  Evan didn't wake up until Liliana did.  He slept 12 hours.  He's a surgery resident.  Don't sue him, please. 

This makes for an entertaining story (NOT) but one part of this set the precedent for the ENTIRE weekend.  Since we feel asleep without intentionally doing so, this means I didn't take my anti-nausea medications at night.  One of my anti-nausea meds is a sleeping aid so I couldn't take this at 5 am when we woke up.  Instead, I was HOPING that I wouldn't need it anymore.



Saturday I didn't feel TOO bad during the day.  We spent time together, went out with family, went to Cold Stone, and came back home.  We finally did watch the Hangover Part II (NOT recommended, but you're probably saying DUH!) ... and by we, I mean I watched the first hour then fell asleep and Evan finished it all.  He says it only got worse after I fell asleep.  When we went upstairs, I really started dreading not having that anti-nausea medication in my system.

Evan gets these barf bags from the hospital that we have in every room in the home just in case pregnancy gets the better of me.  Suddenly I told him "I need one of those."  Within a minute, I was throwing up ALL my dinner and ice cream.  12 oz. to be exact (these barf bags measure it, just in case I wanted to be even more grossed out).  My AMAZING husband cleaned me all up (I was pretty unconscious and miserable at this point), he cleaned up all the throw up, he told me I looked beautiful and how much he loved me, and we fell asleep.

I've noticed it takes TWO days of the anti-nausea medications to be in my system so Sunday was kinda a blur.  It was throw-up free but I was quite out of it, took a 45 minute nap in the evening and slept like a baby last night.

I can thankfully say the LAME weekend of the century is over and I'm feeling much better and back to normal today.  I feel horrible that on Evan's RARE weekends off, he ended up doing everything throughout the house. Moral of the story: NO MATTER WHAT don't forget my pills!  It makes me a totally different person!  Evan, of course, did it all with a smile on his face, but I tell you what: I won't mind it ONE BIT when I'm through, completely (pills or no pills) with this stage of pregnancy. 

NOW, I can't complain TOO much.  With Liliana, whether I was on medications or not, I felt sick.  If the medications (and these 2 that do the trick are natural ones so not harmful in the slightest to the baby) do the trick, I shouldn't complain.  But when I do forget them?  I think I earn the right to complain, at least for 12 minutes ... 1 minute for each ounce.


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  1. oh - you poor thing! It's funny, I forget just how bad the beginning of the pregnancy can be but I'm sure I'll remember it soon enough (well, hopefully as we're trying to get pregnant). :)